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direct, film, edit your own film in one week -
intensive hands-on classes -

Movie camp is a fun filled, busy week of creating a dynamic portfolio of several short-short movies and movie elements that get the kids going for amazing talent and skills that they can use for movies, school reports in video form, and of course, for life skills:  personal presentation and project presentation skills. 

Kids summer tech, movie and film
Outdoor and studio camps at our Colorado campuses.

Knowing your way around even a small studio a film set - behind and in front of the camera - offers you skills far beyond a one time movie class. This work prepares you/your student for many life situations including self presentation skills, dressing for success, how others perceive you, and much more.

Since 1996, we have offered video classes at Monument School of Fine Arts. Students learn the basics of blocking and framing the shots, directing talent and crew, acting, writing short mini movies, props/wardrobe/set planning and beginning editing.

Many of our students go on to be involved in school drama presentations, the entertainment and film industry, corporate presentations, online video presentations and audio video work.

Made on Animation day at Movie Camp!

Click here to see some great mini movies done right in Movie Camp!

Students learn technical, story and visual skills, but most of all, they learn team building and pacing for project management which will help them in any endeavor of their lives. 

 Art Camp and Movie Camp are filled with the most up-to-date teaching of skills and techniques for young people to learn and use. Not only will they learn HD filming, but also the newest craze of mini movies using a camcorder phone and whopping special effects for online sites such as YouTube and getting the movie published to the world in just a week or less.

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Daily movie camp on Spring Break vacation time: you can go to Paris one day, and be in Africa the next day.  How about lunch in Australia?!   What a great way to have a fun time close to home and learn some skills in the movie biz. 

The most popular movies have a range of talent so we offer groups for kids ages 6-11 and ages 11-17.

Movie camp meets daily March 26-30, 9-noon.  Start packing your bag with some common props today to bring for movie camp: hats, sunglasses, scarves, gloves - why, go ahead and bring your King's crown or tiara!

We'll also learn a few very special video effects to put into our movies that you can use later in your home movies, too. We put our movies up daily on our You Tube channel and you'll have a post-production dvd, too.

Click *here* and register your young film maker today!

These movies are created, directed, filmed and acted by the Movie Camp Kids and Movie Classes. 

Movie Camp is fun - take home your movie, too!
You Art The Crew and learn, create, accomplish!

Enjoy free popcorn at our Movie Screenings.

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