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Portfolios: upgrading, improving,and tools of the trade

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What we offer for portfolio development

Portfolio classes

This set of workshops is for college-bound students and career-bound artists as well as professionals. The core of the portfolio classes is based on classical masters drawings and paintings, and drawing from life.

As an administrator for Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, I was Assistant Evening Division director, and I reviewed incoming portfolios for entering ACCD. I reviewed thousands of portfolios per year, and had to reject thousands as well, and I know what portfolios should contain for the reviews, and what sets a portfolio optimally apart and into the acceptance arena at a professional art school such as Art Center and others in that top status of art schools.

That said, there is no better or faster way to improve your drawing and develop your skills than practice from the master drawings and practice from observation under the watchful eye of a master artist. While using the photograph is common, a seasoned portfolio review committee at your applicant school can see right through things like reliance on photos (single eye of the camera weaknesses), undeveloped ideas and unresolved thinking - and therein lies the downfall of many who attempt to go to art school, most especially those who hope to get a scholarship in art.

Portfolio Review Workshop

Portfolio review workshop is designed to review your current portfolio and develop a course of action for improving the portfolio to reach the target outcome, be it art school acceptance, scholarships, or professional work.

Value Added Portfolio Workshop

Value Added Portfolio development workshop is designed to add value to your portfolio, so you create work that is not only excellent, but also stands out to a review committee as exceptional and worthy of purchase if selling a project, or college admittance and scholarships. I have had many students from our studios accepted and over $50,000.00 in scholarships awarded by the art schools even before the student started at the school.

Head and Figure Drawing Workshop/boot camp

The head drawing and figure drawing boot camp requires diligent practice on a daily basis - to the tune of 30-50 drawings per day from the masters and from life. In two weeks' time, just 10 art days, (300-500 drawings) the course is designed to move you into a higher level of drawing and problem solving skills. Here are some examples of master drawings, recently sold at auction for hundreds of thousands of dollars. The value of classical drawing and thinking holds its worth for hundreds of years, and is always appreciated by society and art collectors, not to mention art schools and artists.

Landscape and realism working methods

Landscape, realism and /imaginative drawing and painting

We use a classical approach based on the student's current level to go up a notch or two for the portfolio creation artwork. From learning the color sketch/idea sketch to bringing it up to the painting in watercolor or oil on board, the skills and daily practice build the portfolio. The diligent practice and skills for this class are designed to help the student develop habits and skills to continue at home, ongoing using the learned information. Fantasy work includes but is not limited to character creation, work done for a client, and more using the imagination based on real landscapes, real animals, real people. Suffice it to say, mastering the basic subjects is the first priority as we develop the work alone or in a series.Take a look at James Gurney's short video here - to touch on these concepts and skill building. Copy and paste the link in your browser to see the master in action:

Top quality art instruction for diligent art students!

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